Andy Cohen from Alex Simanovky and Associates LLC Office

atlanta, GA

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Online from cobb county inmate website. BIG MISTAKE

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Theft by taking for Fiance, called him on a monday, after fiance was in jail for 2 weeks at that time, I told him i was low on cash and didn't have any to afford him, yet he still told me he "sympathized" with my case and was willing to help anyway. He went as far as to have his paralegal call me and ask me all types of questions about the case, said he even called D.A. didn't receive call back from D.A. then at the end of the week, decides he can't represent my fiance because we didn't pay him. What a joke after he first tells me HE WOULD, he led us on, gave us false hope for a week and wasted our time. my fiance is now in jail for 3 weeks when he wasted one week for us giving us the run around. he obviously had a change of heart and didnt bother to tell me until a whole week went by. Total creep and wouldn't ever call him again, lawyers have a bad rap and now i see why....disgusted with him and his paralegal,they are both fakes. Dont lead people on, it's completely heartless to do that.

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