Brook Sessions

Orem, UT

Why did you choose this attorney?
I was referred to him by another friend (who happens to be an attorney but doesn't handle criminal work anymore).

Give an explanation of your case - how did the attorney do? Do you feel that he/she was successful in your defense?
I was charged with felony shoplifting and theft by receiving (I had some things that a friend had apparently stolen). I figured I would do at least a year in state prison because I had a prior charge - Brook kept me out of prison and I only did 45 days in county jail. I highly recommend him!

Would you recommed this attorney to a friend? Would you use this attorney again?
Yes, I highly recommend Brook - he actually cares about your case and will do what it takes to make sure you are well represented. He was one of the only attorneys who actually called me back (I was originally going to use somebody else who I won't name). Also, the judge seemed to respect him which I think helped me out.