Bryan Sunisloe

Jackson, MI

Why did you choose this attorney?
Refered by a friend, went to consult with Mr. Sunisloe.

Give an explanation of your case - how did the attorney do? Do you feel that he/she was successful in your defense?
I was facing a 2-5 year prison sentence for a PROBATION VIOLATION, which Mr. Sunisloe found not to be a problem having reversed. I paid him an up front retainer fee of $1000.00 in cash, and retained him & a few payments afterwards. My sentencing date was suposedly postphoned, which Mr. Sunisloe gave me the new date, and it was never accepted via the prosecutor, which Mr. Sunisloe was not aware of until "I" checked my sentencing date on line, the night before & informed HIM that it had not been postphoned, which left me 1 night to prepare for a possible prison sentence, put all my things in storage etc.... He gave my girlfriend the run around, having her do all his leg work, getting PSI reports from other counties etc.., had my bond revoked BEFORE i was even sentenced, then came to see me in jail ONE day before the sentence hearing, after I sat there for 2 weeks. He gave me a grand total amount to pay him, then once I was in jail, he called my mother whom was going to dispense the funds to him, and gave her a total amount of $400 MORE than he initially told me. I found this attorney to be very unprofessional, and found that my COURT APPOINTED attorney's have gotten me MUCH better results, than paying Mr. Sunisloe, whom got me nothing but locked up BEFORE I was sentenced and was not very intersted in my case once I paid him the initial retainer fee. Almost seemed like a scam artist deal!

Would you recommed this attorney to a friend? Would you use this attorney again?
I wouldn't recommend this attorney to my WORST enemy. I will NEVER use this attorney for ANY purpose again.