Michael J Ohle

st lucie county, FL

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grandson was involved in a robbery - had NO previous record - was told by attorney that he would get 20 years from the start, but he could plea him down to 5 and he should take it. Then proceeded to tell us he could go to rehab camps, shoud get a phyc eval @ $2,600.00 extra, this in addition to the $6,500.00 we had already paid him. Then after 8 months convinced my grandson that "you better take the 5 year plea bargin because if you go to trial you will get 20. The main offense was less than 1,500.00 we offered restitution and was turned down. Everything was returned in working condition. I have checked other counties in the state of Florida and this offense usually gets, with no previous record, time served and probation. $

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