Spencer M. Hecht

Montgomery, MD

Why did you choose this attorney?
I asked a friend of mine who is a very good lawyer to recommend a lawyer in Montgomery County who was experienced in family law/custody situations and also a good litigator. Spencer Hecht was strongly recommended by this friend, so I called Mr. Hecht. My friend's recommendation was extremely sound and I have told him so.

Give an explanation of your case - how did the attorney do? Do you feel that he/she was successful in your defense?
I have two very young children with a woman who has several mental and physical issues that impacted the welfare of the children. I needed to obtain custody to protect the children. With the assistance of Mr. Hecht, a custody petition was filed. Ultimately, I obtained custody through a negotiated consent order with conditions satisfactory to me. I would rate Mr. Hecht's representation as excellent. From the first time I spoke to Mr. Hecht on his cell phone while we both were on the road, Mr. Hecht was able to immediately understand the facts of the situation and provide sound advice about how to proceed. I realized from the start that I was dealing with an extremely quick and competent person and this gave me comfort during a difficult time. From this first conversation and over the next year it took to resolve the case, Mr. Hecht demonstrated a keen understanding of the facts and law of my somewhat complicated case. His knowledge of the law and court procedures was outstanding, and yielded good results when we needed to go to court and deal with various court personnel. He also was able to provide good counsel and advice during a long process of trying to settle matters. He always was immediately available to answer questions or provide feedback via email or phone calls, and to provide quick turn-arounds on changes to documents, etc. As someone who has dealt with attorneys in other matters, I appreciated how rare these qualities are in attorneys as busy as Mr. Hecht. I believe Mr. Hecht's personality makes him very effective as an advocate and couselor. He does not "turn off" his work at the end of the day.

Would you recommed this attorney to a friend? Would you use this attorney again?
I would highly recommend Mr. Hecht to friends and associates, and have already done so. Yes, I would use Mr. Hecht again. I hope I don't find myself in a position where I have to use him again!